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Justin Bieber returns to music with What Do You Mean

THE official countdown for the controversial Canadian superstar's comeback has begun.


WHAT DO YOU MEAN?: Justin Bieber has announced a countdown to his new single

Justin Bieber has officially started the countdown to the release of his comeback single; What Do You Mean?

21-year-old Justin tweeted out a link to his website and an image teasing the release.

Biebs has kicked off a promotional storm today (July 29) by tweeting a 30-day countdown to the tracks debut.


WHAT DO YOU MEAN?: Is the name of Justin's lead single from his new album

What Do You Mean? was formed by Bieber, producer Skrillex – responsible for hits from the likes of Ellie Goulding – and Poo Bear, a collaborator of Tyga's.

The Canadian popstar joined Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show to preview the new track and called it: "new and fresh."

Talking about his new music, he explained: "Definitely the first single is amazing. I worked really hard on it with a guy named Poo Bear,"

The countdown has begun...#WhatDoYouMean #30DAYS I'm back :)pic.twitter.com/cdNQ6yvYWo

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) July 29, 2015

He continued: "It's really uplifting, clear, poppy, but cool. The sounds are super expensive. Skrillex is a genius. He's super futuristic and I just love his sound.

"So to be able to incorporate that sound with what I'm doing has been super cool because it's new and fresh. I feel like no one has done it before. I'm very excited."


WHERE ARE U NOW: Justin layed down the lead vocals for the recent Jack U single

And on the album that is due to follow?

Biebs continued, saying: "I've been working a lot in the studio, just trying to have a consistent sound, a cohesive sound. I get in my head a lot and I get kind of depressed because I want it to work so badly."


What Do You Mean @RyanSeacrest?#30DAYS pic.twitter.com/YRbFQVnljb

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) July 29, 2015

"I want people to love it. I want to inspire people. Sometimes I wonder, 'Is this good enough? Is this the direction I want to go?' I had kind of a rough week last week. I get in my head and I don't want to get out of bed sometimes."

Justin's last album, Believe, was released in 2012 and fans speculated he would retire from music, however, since then the singer put down the vocals on the Skrllex and Diplo single; Where Are U Now.

Source: UK Daily Star

Meet super- sized model who loves posing nude shots for her husband and sites dedicated to BBWs in the USA

THE super-sized model loves flashing her flab in seductive naked shots since meeting her "chubby-chaser" husband.


CURVY: Natalie loves posing naked for her fat-loving hubby

Voluptuous Natalie Werrett used to hate her 24st bulk, but she's learned to love her figure since meeting partner Liam.

Now the curvaceous 30-year-old strips naked for kinky photo shoots and is inspiring other super-sized Big Beautiful Women (SSBBWs) by posting her seductive snaps online.

Natalie, from Norfolk, was bullied at school for being too big to fit in the standard school uniform.

And her friends, family and previous boyfriends pressured her into attempting fad diets to beat the bulge.

But since meeting husband Liam, 29, nine-years-ago she has learned to love her bountiful body,

"My husband loves me how I am and he tells me Im beautiful," she said.

"He loves my curves and he adores me. He restored me to my happy self and helped me build my confidence back up – it was like having a whole new life."


FAT-LOVING: The 30-year-old hated her full figure before meeting chubby-chaser hubby Liam

Chubby-chaser Liam, who worked as a groundskeeper at the RAF base where Natalie worked at the nursery, was instantly attracted to Natalie's fuller figure.

"Liam's always had an appreciation for plus-size women and he introduced me into the super-size world," said Natalie.

*** Super-slimmer worried 'chubby-chaser' hubby won't fancy her after shedding 12 stone *** 

The couple, now married with daughter Megan, seven, work together to promote Natalie's big, beautiful body, with Liam acting as photographer in the saucy photo shoots they stage at their home.

“My husband loves me how I am and he tells me Im beautiful”

 Natalie Werrett

The modelling shots appear on sites dedicated to BBWs in the United States and on Natalie's fat-loving social media pages.

"I just do it to encourage bigger women to come out and embrace themselves – there are lovely people out there of all kinds of shapes and sizes," she said.

Liam, who loves taking saucy snaps of his wife to post online, said: "I have always liked bigger girls, there is just something personality wise about a plus size girl that is refreshing.

"If she got bigger I wouldn't be unhappy, I do like big girls, I have always liked big girls and I could look at somebody who is 32 stone and 40 stone and I would think they were gorgeous.

"The first time we met I thought she was beautiful and I couldn't take my eyes off her.

"Natalie enjoys it if other people can look up to her and get something out of it.

"They see her and think 'I can be big and beautiful', 'I can be happy' and she is just passing that message on effectively and I stand by her through that to the end."


LOVE: Liam says he has always been attracted to big women

But Natalie hasn't always been so confident about her hefty size and her ex bullied her about her weight.

"I've been overweight since I was five-years-old, I was always a chunky child," she said.

"I would eat almost anything and I just kept on getting bigger."

Source: UK Daily Star

Buhari hails Catholic Priest, Father Mbaka’s courage, patriotism in run-up to 2015 elections

President Muhammadu Buhari has commended fiery Catholic priest, Ejike Mbaka, for his patriotism in the run-up to the 2015 general elections, saying his courage has earned him a mark in the sands of time.
In a statement Thursday to congratulate the leader of the Adoration Ministries Enugu, Nigeria, on the occasion of his 20th priestly ordination, the President said history would favour Mr. Mbaka for courageously speaking truth to power, even at great risks.
In the statement signed by Garba Shehu, his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr. Buhari said Mr. Mbaka chose the part of honesty, despite realising that it could attract hostility from those he described as “leaders detached from reality”.
The President said the priest’s courageous actions, while the Peoples Democratic Party was still in power, was clear evidence that religious leaders are the custodian of truth and morals in society.
He said Mr. Mbaka’s decision to identify with the masses, and uphold the struggle for improved governance was enviable.
According to the statement, the President was extremely impressed by the priest’s sincere comments and patriotic disposition over the state of the nation at the time.
The statement prayed God to grant Mr. Mbaka greater wisdom, good health and long life, as well as a continued resolve to serve humanity.
Father Mbaka had on December 31, 2014, told Nigerians to use the then approaching general election to vote then President Goodluck Jonathan out.
Watch full video below

Speaking to thousands of parishioners, he said then that the president had failed to stem the tide of insecurity and corruption in the country.
Mr. Mbaka said although Mr. Buhari, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, is a Muslim, he would bring the needed change in Nigeria.
But on January 6, 2015, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Onaiyekan, called for sanctions against Mr. Mbaka, saying that based on the rules of the church, the priest ought to be sanctioned for his outburst.
He criticised the cleric for going overboard in his sermon and insinuating that the Jonathan administration was plagued with “bad luck” and poor performance.
Cardinal Onaiyekan disassociated the Catholic Church in Nigeria from Father Mbaka’s statements.
“Mbaka will take responsibilities for his own actions. I do not believe in my mind that the way things are in Nigeria, any Catholic priest has the mandate to decide which of the political contestants should be voted for,” Cardinal Onaiyekan said at the time.
“What most of us will do is to tell people to vote according to their conscience and then, we tell the authorities to allow people to vote freely and fairly.
“Like I said, Mbaka is a priest of his own type. If he was in my archdiocese, I would have sanctioned him long ago for the kind of things and utterances that he makes.
“But, he is not under my diocese; he has a bishop to handle that if there is any need. I hope that people are not thinking that we are sending Mbaka to talk rubbish.”

India executes Yakub Memon plotter of deadly 1993 Mumbai bombings

A man convicted of taking part in India's worst-ever attack, the 1993 bombings in Mumbai, has been hanged, Indian TV stations reported.

India's president and Supreme Court rejected last-ditch pleas to stay the execution of Yakub Memon over his role in the bombings, clearing the way for him to be hanged early on Thursday morning.

He was executed on his 53rd birthday at Nagpur jail in the western state of Maharashtra, according to the NDTV and CNN-IBN news channels.

Lawyers and activists had petitioned on behalf of Memon to Supreme Court Chief Justice H L Dattu after Indian President Pranab Mukherjee rejected a clemency plea late on Wednesday.

His lawyers had argued to the Supreme Court that executions are only to be carried out after seven days have passed following the rejection of a mercy petition.

In March 1993, a series of bombs ripped through the capital of Mumbai's financial district, killing at least 257 people and injuring a thousand others.

The Bombay Stock Exchange, the offices of Air India and a luxury hotel were among about a dozen targets of the blasts.

The attack remains the most devastating attack on Indian soil and came after a series of Hindu-Muslim riots in Mumbai.

Of the 11 suspects sentenced in 2007 for their role in the devastating attacks, Memon was the only one sentenced to death. He was convicted for being "the driving spirit" behind the attacks.

Meanwhile, his brother 'Tiger' Memon and fellow alleged collaborator Dawood Ibrahim are still believed to be hiding in Pakistan. 

Executions are only rarely carried out in India, but President Mukherjee has rejected a number of mercy pleas in the past three years, ending a de facto eight-year moratorium.

The lone surviving gunman from the 2008 Mumbai attacks was hanged in 2012, while a Kashmiri separatist was executed in New Delhi the following year after being convicted of involvement in a deadly 2001 attack on the Indian parliament.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

Buhari’s appointments has shown his hatred for Igbo – Ohaneze

  THE  pan Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo, said yesterday that it was not surprised at the way the appointments of President Muhammadu Buhari were going, insisting that it had shown the president’s deep rooted hatred for the Igbo nation.
Anambra State president of Ohaneze, Dr. Chris Eluemuno, in an interview at the state –owned Anambra Broadcasting Service Television in Awka, said the situation would still have been the same even if the entire Igbo voted for him.

He said: “I said it during the campaigns that General Buhari does not like Igbo people and it is happening now with all the appointments he has so far made since he came into office on May 29, 2015
“He appointed five service chiefs and there is no Igbo man, even though Igbo have qualified people to occupy the positions.
“His party has completed the selection of principal officers in the national assembly and despite the fact that the speaker, Mr. Yakubu Dogara made case to apply the federal character in allocating the offices, the president jettisoned it through his intervention and left Igbo APC lawmakers out.
“He also exhibited his vindictiveness during his recent visit to the United States of America, USA, when he travelled with only governors from his party, leaving out governors from the opposition parties.
“He was also quoted as saying that he would favour those who voted for him and our position is that there is no way the president should expect all Nigerians to vote for him in the last presidential election.That statement contradicted Buhari’s earlier stand that he belonged to everybody and belonged to nobody.”
 Eluemuno, who is also the chairman of chairmen of Ohaneze in the seven Igbo speaking states, argued that Buhari had no reason to discriminate against the Igbo because  Igbonation played prominent roles in the development of Nigeria and should therefore not be discriminated against in the scheme of things.
According to him, apart from the Secretary to the Government of Federation, SGF, the remaining appointments are ministers and board members, which constitutionally must go to all the 36 states of the federation, adding that appointing an Igbo minister would not therefore be a favour to them.
On the president’s threat to probe only the Jonathan administration, Eluemuno said it would amount to witch hunt if he limited it to the immediate past administration, advising that the probe should start from the PDP civilian administration that began 16 years ago with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who governed for eight years.
He also advised the President not to jettison the report of the Constitutional Conference convoked by former President Goodluck Jonathan, arguing that the Constitutional Conference report was key to fighting corruption in Nigeria as it contained recommendations that could help him succeed in his fight against corruption in the country.
Eluemunor said the president might also be expecting too much if he thought that he would find angels to make ministers, stressing that as long as those he described as the corrupt civil servants were there, the ministers, no matter their background and integrity would still be corrupt.
 “He should know that those who corrupt the ministers are the top civil servants. They are the ones that show the ministers the way once they are sworn in. If he wants to fight corruption in the service, he should start by cleaning up the civil service,” he added.
He called on the Igbos to brace up to the challenge posed to them by the APC- led federal government.

Source: Vanguard

Israel authorises force-feeding of prisoners on hunger strike

Israel's parliament has passed into law the ability to force-feed prisoners on hunger strike, a move that had met vehement opposition from the country's medical association.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's rightist coalition weathered a lengthy parliamentary debate on Thursday, with 46 politicians in favour and 40 opposed in the 120-seat Knesset.

Israel says it is concerned that hunger strikes by Palestinians in its jails could end in death and trigger waves of protests in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker, reporting from West Jerusalem, said that with the new law, jailers will be allowed to use a certain amount of force if a prisoner refuses to be fed. The legislation covers security prisoners -  inmates that Israel suspects or has convicted of what it calls terrorism-related charges.

"The opposition to this came very strongly from Israel's Medical Association," she said. "We spoke to one doctor who said force-feeding amounts to rape, there is not difference. They are urging all doctors not to undertake this, saying it goes against all medical ethics and their beliefs."

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Issa Qaraqe, head of the Palestinian Prisoners Commission, said that the law legalises murder.

"It's against Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law, it legalises torture of prisoners who are demanding their rights in a non-violent way," he said.

Qaraqe asked for a meeting of state parties to the Geneva Conventions to take a stand against the law and demand Israel not apply it. 

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

Major shake-up in Nigerian Army, 334 top officers redeployed

The Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, has approved the redeployment and appointment of 334 officers to various units across Nigeria.
The officers appointed include some Principal Staff Officers at Defence and Army Headquarters, Corps Commanders and General Officers Commanding as well as other commanders, army spokesperson, Sani Usman, said.
Some of the senior officers appointed include 37 Major Generals, 57 Brigadier Generals, 128 Colonels and several Lieutenants Colonels among many others.
Some affected commands are the General Officers Commanding 1, 2, 3, 81 and 82 Divisions, Operations Pulo Shield and Safe Haven of Niger Delta and Plateau States respectively.
Among these principal officers,  Major General MA Koleoso was appointed Commander TRADOC; Major General SN Muazu was moved from 2 Division to Headquarters, Infantry Corps and appointed Commander; Major General MT Ibrahim moved from Department of Army Standard and Evaluation to Nigerian Defence Academy as Commandant.
Also, Major General LKJ Ogunewe is now the Chief of Policy and Plans,  Major General FO Alli, is now Chief of Training and Operations and Major General AA Salihu, Chief of Logistics.
Others are Major General AG Okunola now Commander of Operation PULO SHIELD (JTF) and Major General TC Ude, Commander, OPERATIONS SAFE HAVEN (STF Jos).
Major General LW Wiwa is now Deputy Commandant of Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre while Major General A Oyebade is now the General Officer Commanding 1 Division.
Major General LC Ilo, is now General Officer Commanding 2 Division; Major General H Umaru, General Officer Commanding 3 Division; Major General IH Edet, General Officer Commanding 81 Division and Brigadier General Ibrahim Attahiru is now Acting General Officer Commanding, 82 Division.
Brigadier General AT Hamman is now the Acting Provost  Marshal; Brigadier General LF Abdullahi, Acting Commander, Nigerian Army Education Corps while Colonel R Abubakar is Acting Director, Defence Information amongst others.

Homosexuality: Nigerians go after Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian gay rights activist on self -imposed exile in UK on Facebook

A gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, caused a stir on Wednesday as he mocked Nigeria on the Facebook.

Alimi, the first Nigerian to declare publicly his support for same sex union, noted that the country “will go down soon unless it stopped praying to God and started acting”.

He wrote from the United Kingdom where he is on a self-imposed exile.

Soon after his comment, which many considered unpatriotic, was published, hundreds of Nigerians responded on Facebook, blogs, Twitter and Instagram.

Responding from Abuja, one Chinelo Peters described the words used by Alimi as derogatory and unpatriotic.

He urged him to channel his energy into a positive cause that could impact on the country instead of complaining from the UK.

Peters said on Facebook, “You are a Nigerian but in an asylum in the UK. Why do you refer to Nigeria as ‘that country?’ If you do not like something and you are passionate about doing it differently, you need to champion the change you desire. Come back home to assist. It is inappropriate to describe your country with derogatory adjectives.”

He also urged Alimi to study the lives of people who had effected changes in different parts of the world, saying they were individuals who never cast aspersion on their countries.

Another Facebook user, Allwell Opara, said Alimi would not have used an “abusive” language against his country if he had a proper understanding of the stages the UK facilities he used to assess Nigeria went through.

According to Opara, patriotic citizens built the UK, not the likes of Alimi.

Opara added, “It is so sad that this is coming from someone I thought would be more reasonable and sensible on social media. If Nigeria is cursed, it means every Nigerian, including Alimi, is cursed. No matter how long you live abroad, the blood of a Nigerian flows in your veins. We love our country while we hope for a change one day.”

Even those who agreed with Alimi’s conclusion condemned his words, describing them as “offensive and unbecoming of a civilised individual”.

For instance, a foreigner, Thierry Limpens, said, “You analysed right but I will not use the same words.”

Besides urging Nigerians “to stop praying and start acting”, Alimi noted, “Nigeria is not an experiment.”

He added, “Some idiots will come here now and start posting how their God is going to redeem them. Okay, here is the thing: if there is, indeed, anything like hell fire, it is in Nigeria where all Nigerians are roasting. So, if you want to remind someone that they will go to hell fire when they die, you might as well link it to your current experience.”

Describing Nigerians as hypocrites, he asked why God had not intervened in their affairs if he truly existed. According to him, it is either God does not exist or that He has given up on the country 50 years ago.

Alimi, a Theatre Arts graduate, had revealed that power and Internet challenges had frustrated the conduct of an online interview he scheduled with a Nigerian TV on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It was on this basis that the self-confessed gay went to Facebook to ‘teach’ Nigeria how it could overcome its challenges.

Alimi is not a stranger to controversies. He had received international attention in 2004 when he admitted during an NTA programme – New Dawn with Funmi – that he was a gay.

He also had a running battle with his alma mater, the University of Lagos, which threatened to withhold his certificate.

The university had claimed that he “was not going to be a worthy alumnus” of the institution.

Many had linked the move to have the same sex marriage prohibition law in Nigeria in 2006 to the controversy generated by Alimi’s interview with the NTA.


Ebube Nwagbo steps out in style

Always looking good

Uche Ogbodo’s Promise To Her Daughter As She Turns A Year Older. (Photos)

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo shared these adorable photos of her daughter, Mildred Chinagorom who turned a year older yesterday, Wednesday, July 29th.

The proud mum penned down some strong words and promises to the toddler.

Never Experienced the kind of Joy you bring! I feel Love In the Way you Look at Me, In the Way you hold My Hand, Even In the Way you Cry Baby Do Not be Afraid, Cos I will be there to Hold your Hand , In Good Times and Strenuous Times, I will be There As Your Mother and BestFriend.. #your LifeisMyLife. #youarebeautiful #myrainbowbaby #mysunshine

More photos of the young Mildred… She looks a lot like her mom though.

Port Harcourt, Warri refineries begin crude production – NNPC

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has announced the successful re-streaming of the Port Harcourt and Warri refineries after nine months of phased rehabilitation conducted by its in-house engineers and technicians.

The national oil company made the announcement on Wednesday through a statement.

It said the plants had commenced preliminary production of petroleum products after successful test-runs, noting that while the Port Harcourt Refining Company was ramping up capacity to about 60 per cent of the 210,000 barrels per day of crude capacity, production from the Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company had been projected to hit 80 per cent of its installed capacity 125,000 bpd.

According to the NNPC, the Port Harcourt refinery will have a product yield of five million litres of petrol per day, while the Warri refinery will contribute 3.5 million litres of petrol to the local refining capacity.

Providing insight into the rehabilitation of the plants, the NNPC noted that it had to adopt the phased rehabilitation approach after the original builders of the refineries, who were initially contacted for the turnaround maintenance of the plants, came up with unfavourable terms.

“Though a decision was taken in 2011 to rehabilitate all the refineries using the original refinery builder of each of the refineries, we were impelled to switch strategy after the ORBs declined participation and nominated some partners in their stead, who came up with outrageously unfavourable terms,” it explained.

The corporation stated that the nominated partners, as sole bidders, came up with humongous price offers after two years of thorough and exhaustive scope of work definition and negotiations, adding that the proxies were also unwilling to provide post rehabilitation performance guarantees.

“The phased rehabilitation strategy, which entailed phased and simultaneous rehabilitation of all the refineries using in-house and locally available resources in line with the spirit and letter of the Nigerian Content Law, also involved the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer representatives to effect major equipment overhaul and rehabilitation,” it added.

The NNPC also noted that the phased rehabilitation programme, which commenced in October 2014 after the required funding stream was established, created a 70 per cent reduction in costs, which helped largely in mitigating the financing challenges of the rehabilitation.

It said that with the successful re-streaming of the PHRC and WRPC, attention had now shifted to the 110,000 barrels per day Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company, which is billed to come on stream soon.

In a related development, the NNPC has said that it has successfully recovered the System 2B Pipeline, which was breached last week in Arepo, Ogun State.

The corporation stated that its team of engineers deployed in the scene immediately after the pipeline was vandalised, was able to access the pipeline after the fire had put out the ensuing fire and commenced repair work immediately.

It added, “We wish to announce that the vital System 2B Pipeline, which was breached at Arepo last week, has been fixed and brought back on stream. Pumping of products through the system commenced on Monday upon the successful completion of repair works over the weekend.

“We also wish to call on all those engaged in the criminal acts of pipeline sabotage and oil theft to desist in order to avoid such horrendous deaths as was witnessed in the recent incident.”

Source: Punch

CORRUPTION: ICPC goes after 'super rich' civil servants with multiple properties and other assets

FEDERAL Government’s anti-corruption operatives have been sent after ‘super rich’ public officers who have multiple properties and other assets suspected to have been the rewards of graft.

For now, The PUNCH learnt, the searchlight of the anti-corruption agents was on civil servants that possess many properties in the Federal Capital Territory.

Punch correspondent  learnt in Abuja on Wednesday that operatives in the Assets Tracing, Recovery and Management Unit of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission had been asked to haul in suspects for interrogation and recovery of ill-gotten assets in their possession.

It was gathered that the ICPC had strengthened the ATRMU by posting more personnel to the unit to ensure the success of its campaign.

An operative at the ICPC, who confided Punch  correspondent said the ICPC was using the anti-corruption transparency unit of the commission in ministries, departments and agencies to coordinate the ongoing investigation of the “super rich” civil servants in the country.

It was learnt that the ICPC was relying on petitions from civil servants and the ACTU operatives to carry out its investigations into the activities of the affected civil servants.

It was gathered that the ICPC operatives’ focus had been on civil servants who have more than three properties and a fleet of cars beyond their income.

Although the source did not mention the number of civil servants that had been quizzed in relation to the new move to check fraud in the civil service, it was learnt that several personnel of the civil service had been placed under watch by the ICPC.

The source, who spoke to The PUNCH, said any civil servant found to have compromised his office to acquire wealth would be charged to court after the proceeds of the corrupt acts would have been confiscated by the Federal Government.

The source said, “The ICPC is intensifying efforts to retrieve some of these stolen assets from those involved.

“You know that the commission has a unit called the Assets Tracing, Recovery and Management Unit. This is the unit that is involved in probing those who have such assets with stolen funds.

“In fact the operatives are working very discreetly on the issue but the focus of the ICPC’s probe is the civil service.

“Those civil servants living a life beyond their means, their lifestyles are under watch. People are monitoring them, whistle-blowers are writing petitions and the Assets Recovery Unit is following up on them.

“Another thing is that we have the Anti-Corruption Transparency Units in all the agencies; these units are being supervised by our officers. They are collaborating with whistle-blowers in the various ministries and agencies…”

Source: Punch

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chris Brown Says He Went To Church For The First Time In 15 Years.

We all know how Chris Brown can be when it comes to his emotions. Yup! Very emotional! The Pop Star penned down an emotional note on his instagram page:

“I really wanna take this time to thank God for everything he’s done for me over the years. The lessons and my personal mistakes I’ve experienced. I’ve done a lot in this short time I’ve been on this earth. I’m 26 but i feel 46 and I understand a lot more as a man and a father. Before I left the states for this tour run I was able to go to church. I haven’t been in almost 15 years. HillsongLA!!!!! It’s making me a better person and I appreciate all the fans across the world who love me for me.
I’m not perfect by any means and no one has to be. From Gangs to fights to beefs to drugs and anything else frowned upon I’ve been able to learn my own way and love myself and continue to spread positivity and SMILE. I feel comfortable in my own skin because man cannot judge man. I want to continue my path to be a legend. I want to always put a smile on the faces of people who think about giving up. Life isn’t about self all the time. Life is about “Love”. I was able to be inspired by one the the greatest two human beings who ever lived. “Michael Jackson” and “2pac”! Understand that religion and the color of skin doesn’t make u any different from the rest of us. Your walk of life is yours and yours alone. Help one another and build life! Just want to show my appreciation! Love yall!”

Tonto Dikeh Wows In New Photos

Tonto Dikeh stepped out today in hot shorts..

Toolz Stuns In New Photo


New Director of Department of State Services Lawal Daura is an APC member- PDP

The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party on Wednesday alleged that the Director-General of the Department of State Services, Mr. Lawal Daura, is a member of the governing party, the All Progressives Congress.

The PDP pointed out that with Daura as a member of the ruling party, he could not preside over the nation’s security apparatus without being partial.

Acting National Chairman of the party, Prince Uche Secondus, stated this at a press briefing in Abuja.


American dentist Walter James Palmer killed Cecil the lion in a Zimbabwean game preserve... fled to USA

Safari operator Honest Ndlovu (r.), and professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst (l.), appeared in a Zimbabwe court Wednesday on poaching charges related to the killing of Cecil the lion, a beloved attraction at a local game preserve.


Zimbabwean game park operator Honest Ndlovu arrives at court Wednesday, charged with poaching in the hunting death of Cecil the lion, a favorite attraction at a local wildlife preserve.


Professional Zimbabwean hunter Theo Bronkhorst (l.), and his defence lawyer Givemore Muvhiringi, wait outside a courtroom Wednesday in the poaching killing of Cecil the lion, a beloved attraction at a local game preserve.

Two Zimbabweans who were paid $50,000 by an American dentist to hunt and kill a beloved lion were charged with poaching Wednesday in a trophy hunting case that has sparked international disgust.

Local hunter Theo Bronkhorst and Honest Ndlovu, a private game park operator, appeared in a Hwange courtroom, about 500 miles west of the capital of Harare, but did not speak to reporters.

Walter James Palmer, a trophy hunter and a dentist in Minnesota, has been accused of killing Cecil the lion, a famous attraction at a local wildlife reserve, by luring it off protected land, shooting the majestic beast with a bow and arrow, then tracking it for 40 miles before chopping its head off and skinning the carcass. The body was left to rot.


Cecil the lion was a beloved attraction at a Zimbabwe game preserve. The lion was illegally hunted and killed by a Minnesota dentist and two nationals, officials said.

Palmer has apologized for the killing, saying he thought it was legal. He has returned to the United States, but says he has not been contacted by Zimbabwe officials. He reportedly has gone into hiding.

The two nationals could face up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.


Walter Palmer, a trophy-hunting dentist from Minnesota, is seen here with a lion he killed during a 2005 hunting safari.

Cecil was fitted with a GPS collar as part of a research project by Oxford University scientists. The college's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit had been monitoring the lion in its habitat since 2008.

"Insofar as this happened illegally, we consider it deeply reprehensible," the scientists said in a statement.

Cecil's death may also cause the killing of the lion's four male cubs as male members fight for leadership of the pack, wildlife authorities said.

Palmer has had previous run-ins over poaching. In 2008, he pleaded guilty to lying to a U.S. wildlife officer over the killing of black bear in Wisconsin.

Palmer killed the animal 40 miles outside of a permitted hunting zone, then hauled the carcass into the area and claimed he killed it there.

Palmer was sentenced to one year of probation and fined nearly $3,000.

Source: New York Daily News

Meet two young Jews who believe that 'only someone who fights Christianity by burning churches can call himself a Jew'

Shin Bet says two young men are followers of 'extremist ideology' that believes 'only someone who fights Christianity can call himself a Jew'.

Two Israeli men, described by authorities as Jewish extremists, were charged on Wednesday with torching part of a church at the site where Christians believe Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes.



The June 18 arson attack followed more than 40 suspected hate crimes committed against churches, mosques and monasteries in Israel and then West Bank and East Jerusalem since 2009, with only a handful of indictments handed down.


The alledged arsonists in court (Photo: Goerge Ginsburg)


In a statement, the Shin Bet identified the two suspects, aged 19 and 20 and wearing kippahs in court, as followers of an "extremist ideology" that believes that "only someone who fights Christianity can call himself a Jew".


No pleas were entered during the court hearing in Nazareth.


The limestone Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, was constructed in the 1980s and is overseen by the Benedictine Order.


The alledged arsonists in court (Photo: Goerge Ginsburg)


It was built on the site of 4th and 5th century churches that commemorated what Christian faithful revere as Jesus's miraculous feeding of 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish.


The fire damaged the church's roof, and a verse from a Hebrew prayer denouncing the worship of "false gods" was spraypainted in red on a wall.


Father Matthias Karl, a German monk from the church, said a souvenir shop, an office for pilgrims and a meeting room were badly damaged, and Bibles and prayer books were destroyed in the fire.


"It's totally destroyed. The fire was very active," he said.


The damage from the arson (Photo: Avihu Shapira)


A monk and a church volunteer were hospitalized from smoke inhalation, but the prayer area of the church was unaffected by the fire, he said.



Janet Jackson,Michael Jackson's sister comeback tour in doubt after dad Joe suffers stroke

JANET JACKSON'S highly-anticipated comeback tour has been put in doubt after her father suffered a stroke.

GETTYCANCELLED: Janet Jackson has halted her tour rehearsals after her dad has suffered a stroke

The 49-year-old recently released her new single No Sleep featuring J.Cole but has cancelled tour rehearsals to be with her dad.

Joe, 87, fell ill in Brazil after waking up on Sunday feeling dizzy.

In a statement he said: "To my family, friends, acquaintances and fans all over the world.

"I want to thank you all for your prayers, unwavering support and kind well wishes during these trying times.

GETTYICON: Janet is one of the biggest artists of all time

"Through God’s intervention the wonderful Doctors, Nurses and caretakers at the Albert Einstein Sao Paulo hospital have taken great care of me.

"God willing, I should be able to make a quick recovery and travel back home soon. Thank you all once again for your prayers and support. ”

It is unknown when or if Janet will return to rehearsals but as of yet her tour is due to open in just over a month.

Janet's comeback comes six years after her brother Michael died mid-way through rehearsals for his own comeback at London's O2 Arena.


Source: UK Daily Star

Shamed TV star Hulk Hogan pulls out of Celebrity Big Brother after N-word rant

SHAMED Hulk Hogan has been forced to pull out of Celebrity Big Brother in the wake of his N-word scandal.


BAILED: Hulk Hogan has ditched Celebrity Big Brother

TV house and his no-show has thrown the series into chaos. Producers now face a race against time attempting to persuade an Alist celebrity to replace him.

Hulk told bosses the dates for the new series, starting next month, clash with other commitments.

But insiders believe his withdrawal may well be linked to the race row threatening his career.

Tapes have surfaced of Hulk, 61, using terms including “n***er” as he ranted about a black man sleeping with his daughter.

Hulk, real name Terry Bollea, had been one of the favourites with the bookies to win and was reportedly offered a six-figure sum to appear.

A show source said: “This is a nightmare for producers. Hulk was by far the best celeb they had. He would have been TV gold.”

Our insider said: “If it really was the dates that meant he couldn’t enter, then the winter series is a definate possibility.”

Source: UK Daily Star